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In support of Laundry Service, her first English-language album and fifth album overall, Shakira’s “Tour of The Mongoose” was an overwhelming success for the Queen of Latin Music. Grossing $72 million dollars in 2002 through 2003, Shakira’s first worldwide tour utilized nature and instinct as the key themes of her performance; acting as the proverbial Mongoose on stage facing her natural enemy, the King Cobra, Shakira performs with her massive and visually striking King Cobra fixture towering over the

band. Standing over 20 feet tall, and paired with a quick-inflating vinyl tailpiece, the cobra fixture consists of a heavy-duty internal steel structure that is wrapped with a fiberglass overlay. Embellished with electrical lighting integration for the eyes, and built-in show action equipment integration, the King Cobra strikes fiercely for the “Tour of The Mongoose”.

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