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Untitled Project - 2023-05-31T091215.253.png

Show Motion Engineering, Inc. presents the design, engineering, and fabrication of Martin Kersels’ Tumble Room Art Installation Set. With its spinning axis placed in the direct center of the 16’ by 16’ square room, the Tumble Room kinetic art sculpture consists of a wooden set that is attached to a large square steel structure that is then encased inside two large steel rings that are motion actuated using an electric motor drive system. Presented at Deitch Projects’ 76 Grand Street Gallery from February-March of 2001,

Orange County Museum Of The Arts’ “Disorderly Conduct” Exhibit in 2008, which later became the basis for the short film “Tumble Room” by Peter West, and finally exhibited for the “Under Destruction” Exhibit at Museum Tinguely in Basil, Switzerland from October 2010-January 2011.

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