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Already well-known for an abstract and daring sense of self-image and style after blazing through the early determinative years of her Pop Music career, Lady Gaga commands the stage and her adoring fans (affectionately referred to as her Monsters) during “The Monster Ball Tour” from late 2009 to mid-2011. Featured in her extensive arsenal of elaborate and distinctive Stage Props is the powerfully spotlighted Angel Statue-Fountain; this envisioned show action fixture is constructed out of heavy-wall aluminum and is

covered with geometrically shaped chrome cladding, with its metallic silver hard coat Angel Statue sculpted and carved from foam and fiberglass fixed on its top. Even with its extravagant appearance as a defining feature, the show action aspect of the Fountain is accomplished with a dual electrical/mechanical system: one running the red-dyed water effects for the fountain base and the other for the single effect unit behind the statue for pyrotechnic capabilities.

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