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The ever-changing and constantly evolving musical artist Lady Gaga equips the gigantic hovering Projection Ellipse piece for her "Enigma/Jazz & Piano" Las Vegas residency from 2018-2019. Lady Gaga incorporates many complex and robust stage elements into her residency show, all anchored by the revolving and image-illuminating Ellipse piece suspended over the stage. Designed, engineered, and fabricated by Show Motion Engineering, Inc., in conjunction

with Tait Towers and Jet Sets in North Hollywood, the large-scale dressing consists of two oblong curved aluminum pieces combined using multi-angle swivel connection brackets. The Projection Ellipse comprises 4" round aluminum tubes bent to shape and sleeved together using custom-machined connection inserts and held together by custom aluminum brace fittings, then wrapped with Scotchlite projection screen material that displays custom visual integration. Lady Gaga's residency at Park MGM's Park Theater became the highest-grossing Las Vegas residency of 2019.

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